I have this friend named Bob who really loves Donald Trump. This cat really is emotionally attached to him. It reminds of the same people who voted for and then cried when their messiah Barack Hussein Obama was elected. Now, eight years later another part of the American electorate is acting in the same brainless manner. Emotional attachment trumps reality.

Let’s take a look at what Donald Trump has done. First of all he inherited $100 million dollars from his daddy. Wow! Let’s anoint him King of America for having a silver spoon in his mouth. Come on Bob! Give me a brake!

We are constantly being told by everyone what a great businessman this guy is. Yea right. In the late eighties Trump used money from 22 banks to acquire a defunct Eastern Airlines so as to start the Trump Shuttle. Trump Shuttle lasted just three short years before going bankrupt. Trump understands bankruptcies because he’s been through four himself. He left the 22 banks to handle the paperwork amongst themselves. One of the reasons for Trump Shuttle imploding was that Donald could not negotiate a deal with the unions. The guy who wrote, “The Art of the Deal” couldn’t make a credible deal to save his shuttle. So much for working for the little people!

My friend Bob always likes to tell me that Mr. Trump is a great spokesperson for the little people of America. He says Trump will make great deals that are best for our country. Really? How about the deals he makes concerning his clothing line? His clothes were made in China and Mexico. The two countries he constantly unloads on in speech after speech. What a freaking hypocrite! Look at his hiring practices at his luxurious hotel in Miami called the Mar-a-Lago. Out of 300 people he hired, only 17 were Americans. How does any of that help Americans Bob?

Trump University is another example of the incredible ego this man has. He takes money from desperate people to line his own pockets and all one gets is a sheet of paper and opportunity to take a picture of yourself with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump. He is currently counter suing students who are suing him for malfeasance claiming they were lied to an ripped off by Mr. Trump’s University.

It goes on and on to the point this guy will use his name to sell just about anything for a buck whether it’s vitamins, condominiums, steaks, golf courses, clothes, ties, hats, mortgage companies, universities, sports leagues or airlines companies. It’s amazing to see the sheer lunacy coming from my friend Bob and a large segment of the population for a shyster that has used his name to only benefit himself. Trump’s history shows us that he is only in it for himself. That’s it. When you make deals with Donald Trump. Trump wins and you lose. That’s what the, “Art of the Deal” is all about. He makes promises to get a deal done. Then he ignores the promises. That’s how he wins and you lose! Come on Bob! Quit smoking the catnip and wake up!