Barack Obama, Richard DurbinSocialist Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois went to the floor of the Senate today to deride Free Market Capitalism. Durbin sounded like Karl Marx   “It created unfairness and injustice when it came to health care, which we are addressing with this Affordable Care Act”

Durbin and his socialist friends in Congress plan to do more socialist central planning in the coming years if they are not stopped.   He and the president are quite delusional and drunk (and stupid) with their perceived power. Their arrogance  is quite astounding to watch as they blather on about a healthcare system that is eviscerating the nation’s economy,  ruining millions and millions of people’s healthcare and making millions more lose their jobs.

To arrogantly brag about a failed government system that has up to now cost trillions of dollars and in the end only 0.02 of the population has, in their trumped up figures, signed up to an unworkable web site. Do the math! In reality, which doesn’t exist in the D.C., Obamacare is the biggest disaster in our lifetime. It only works in silly, arrogant and delusional minds on Capital Hill. The rest of America knows what’s going on. They will be getting to the polls in November to throw the delusional socialists out!