hillaryEven though many career bureaucrats have gone to prison for breaking the same law Hillary Clinton broke at her State Department job, the FBI today recommended that no formal charges be filed against the serial liar. Proving once again to every American that having the last name Clinton, you can get away with anything. Damn it feels good to be a Clinton!

It proves you can get away with everything and anything if your a Clinton. You can lie that a video caused a terrorist attack in Libya and if your a Clinton, you can get away with it. If your last name is Clinton, you can lie about not ever sending any classified material to anyone and get away with it even after it is found out you did. If your a Clinton, you can lie about not using multiple devices while emailing classified information and get away with it. For the Clinton’s, they can run a quasi family foundation and call it a world-wide charity fund and get away with it after finding out they only donate 10 percent to actual charity.

Should a person with the last name of Clinton ever get elected as president of the United States, look for that person to do anything and everything he or she wants. Whether it is legal or illegal. They know they will be able to get away with it. They know the opposition party will not provide any pushback. Just like the Benghazi Committee. The republicans didn’t give us their final conclusions. They just told us to read their report ourselves and formulize our own conclusions. This is exactly what FBI director James Comey essentially did today. He gave us a list of Mrs. Clinton’s email illegalities such as trafficking in illegal email transfers and exchanging top secret material. Then at the end of his report he concluded there would be no formal recommendation to prosecute. Damn it feels good to be a Clinton!