Telling a Lie Long Enough and Loud Enough…..

Remember the old adage that if you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough people will believe it is true? That’s what our main stream media outlets sells us everyday to shape their socialist narrative. This technique was on display Friday night on a seldom watched cable news show in which an old, blubbering idiot continued the far left narrative that there were never any weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.

This is a bold face lie many on the left continue to facilitate to discredit the war in Iraq. In reality there were plenty of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq and there are numerous print stories that belie the leftist false narrative. In 2006 Fox News reported that WMD’s were found in the country. In that same year a report from had another story that WMD’s were found on the battlefield in Iraq. Later in 2008 other news stories were reporting that WMD’s were found in Iraq according to the New York Times and NBC News. In 2010 as reported by documents revealed WMD’s were found inside Iraq. Another report in 2014 disclosed that large quantities of weapons of mass destruction were quietly removed by the pentagon so that Obama’s Syrian Rebels could not get their hands on them. With all of this information out for the world to see we still have leftist propagandists in the media still fantasizing that weapons were never found in Iraq.

Unlike Obama’s unauthorized and illegal war in Libya, George Bush asked and received congressional approval twice for the use of force in Iraq. Without the approval of democrats in congress the war in Iraq would never have taken place. Ironically, one of the politicians who voted for the war in Iraq is a well respected person of high esteem who just so happens to be the political darling of the socialist-democrat party. She is their presumed presidential nominee and her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even Mrs. Clinton would go on to say in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

It’s interesting to note that Hillary Clinton never really receives any of the type of scrutiny from the liar czar press for her role in starting an unjust war in a country that we are constantly reminded never had any weapons of mass destruction. Therefore,  you would think that the press would have vilified and treated her as someone who is certainly by no means qualified to serve as president of the United States. The socialist left and their media conveniently forget that Hillary was implicit in starting the 2003 war in Iraq. That’s why you can never forget the the old adage that, “if you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough people will believe it is true.”

Selling America to the Highest Bidder

highest bidToday, 77 percent of the American people believe illegal immigration is a serious problem in our country. Furthermore, 63 percent of Americans believe controlling the border is more important than legalizing illegals already here. 58 percent of Americans believe that giving a pathway to citizens to people who have broken the law only encourages more lawlessness. Poll after poll indicates immigration issues are not a high priority to most Americans. With all of this polling information available why does Hillary Clinton come out this past week to push for a pathway to citizenship for people who are here illegally?

Looking back at Hillary Clinton’s view on immigration back in 2003 you will see she was dead against any type of pandering to illegal immigrants. Back then she sympathized with the view most Americans had regarding the issue.

Now why would Hillary Clinton flip-flop on an issue such as illegal immigration and go against the wishes of a majority of Americans? Big corporate money is your answer. Eight companies that have given money to the Clinton Foundation happen to be on board with her new stance on immigration. These companies plan to benefit from her position to acquire cheap, low skill workers that her plan will ultimately provide. Interestingly enough these eight companies and entities that have given over 37 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation are the same companies that support Hillary Clinton’s stance on a, “Pathway to Citizenship.” The companies include Microsoft, Yahoo, Coca Cola, Bloomberg, U.S. Chamber of Congress, Motorola, Marriott and Caterpillar. It seems that Mrs. Clinton is all to willing to ignore the priority and wishes of the American people and flip-flop her political positions to companies that have bought access from her and her husband’s dubious charity. If Mrs Clinton is willing to sell out the American people on immigration reform, what other public policy stance in America is she willing to sell out to the highest bidder?

Participating In Their Own Demise

baltThe Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri riots have nothing to do about young men dying in confrontations with police officers. It has nothing to do about the rule of law either. It is about spending more taxpayer money to build more government programs that in the end create more inner city problems. Creating dependency in the inner city leads to more poor people who become addicted to big government socialism. Liberal democrat politicians are all in with that. They run on that message and the voters always fall for their inane emotional message of helping the little guy. In the end it creates devastating results. What these rioting idiots are really doing is participating in their own demise.

Since the war on poverty began in the 1960’s American taxpayers have spent 22 trillion dollars to fight poverty. After that war began over fifty years ago the same number of people remain in poverty. So if this war strategy is proven to be not working why not change course and try something different? If young men believe that there is no hope for a better life in their communities in which they live in would it not be in their best interest to vote differently? Would it not dawn on them that voting for a socialist democrat for all these years actually hasn’t helped their lot in life? Why do they let leftist politicians incentivize them into staying in their poor neighborhoods and survive on meager welfare payments that only keeps them existing on government handouts for the rest of their forgotten lives?

You gotta love how the socialist democrat politicians who routinely whine about income inequality are actually the self righteous ignoramuses who create it in the first place. Cities with the highest rates of income inequality are run by socialist democrats. It’s because they run on helping the little guy and the little guy always falls for it and votes for them waiting for something better to happen to them to make their so called burden in life a little more bearable. In the end all that happens to them is that more people begin to see more people in the same predicament as they are in. Instead of lashing out at the socialist democrat politicians who have created this mess, these people start displacing their anger out on society in general and the people who have been hired to keep society civil are the police officers.

When the angry people begin to understand the true nature of who is responsible for their plight in life, only then will they hopefully look for something different. If the last 50 years of experience doesn’t explain anything then nothing will. They need to understand that voting for people who only care about the little guy only creates more little guys. When all these little guys start getting together to release their frustrations and anger at being a little guy, they need to understand that it is they who are responsible for themselves and it is they who are actually participating in their own demise.

King of the Hill?


It goes without saying that if you are perceived to be the, “King of the Hill” and want to protect your turf it would be wise to be in tip-top shape if your intending on being successful in fighting your opponent and retaining your position on top of the hill. Apparently, this advice was never given to Hillary Clinton. Just two days before formally announcing her candidacy for the president of the United States she has already found herself in a losing battle with at least one republican presidential candidate. In states like Colorado, Iowa and Virginia Hillary Clinton is losing ground to Kentucky senator Rand Paul.

The falling poll numbers that accompany miss Hillary can only be attributed to her boring and uninspiring campaign strategy that Barry Soetoro used when he ran for office in 2008. You see no one knew who Barry Soetoro was so it was easy for him to stick to the, “No Drama Obama” campaign strategy that shielded him from lengthy interviews from the media. The media didn’t have any real interest in Barry’s past so his campaign didn’t have to worry about any old personal issues to arise.. On the other hand, with Hillary Clinton there is so much baggage in her past it has produced volumes of headlines, newspaper articles, books and special prosecutor investigations, There are so many unanswered questions that still remain and they extend all the way back to her days as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, senator of New York and Secretary of State. Her life has been so scandalous and secretive that even today new allegations are coming to light about an illegal, “Pay to Play” scheme involving Hillary using her job at the State Department to financially enrich the family business that is named the Clinton Foundation.

This past week Hillary and her team failed miserably in remaking the 67 year old candidate into a brand new champion that will fight for average every day Americans. For someone who has been in the public eye for over 30 years you would have thought she would know the ins and outs of a typical political campaign by now. With all the baggage that surrounds her whether it pertains to her time as First Lady, senator from New York or Secretary of State, she must be held accountable for all her previous actions. If she thinks she can run a stealthy campaign that Barry Soetoro ran in 2008 she will be sorely mistaken. When you’ve been in the public eye as long as miss Hillary has, there is a history that you have already made for yourself whether it is favorable or not. Getting rid of that history is proving to be a little more difficult for Hillary than just deleting a few emails.

Mobilizing Against Religious Freedom


With Easter Sunday fast approaching there seems to be another fake and made up controversy closely behind it. It is being brought to us by religious haters of the American left with the assistance of the Obama Liar Czar media crowd. The newest fake controversy that is being fabricated by the commie left is about as stupid as the average democrat socialist voter. These media misfits really know how to manipulate the average leftist moron. Keep in mind these morons are never really motivated by the cold reality or by the real facts, but by raw emotion. We are currently watching this media malfeasance avalanche on display this week against the state of Indiana and its Governor Mike Pence.

What the good Governor simply did was sign into law a similar law that Bill Clinton signed back in 1993. That law was called, “The Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.” The law simply prevents the government from forcing people of faith to violate their religious beliefs. The Indiana law just so happens to be identical with the same type of legislation adopted in 19 other states. When Bill Clinton signed this law in 1993 I don’t recall leftists wack jobs going nuclear back then. As of today 65% of Americans favor laws that support religious liberty. So why all the media fuss against Indiana and its Governor now?

Back in 1993 the democrat party was a mainstream party that stood for the religious freedom of every American. Today, twenty two years later the democrat party has cast aside those religious values and has sworn allegiance to the communist party. Thats all you need to know to understand why the commie left is on a rampage on this religious liberty issue. First of all, they hate anyone who adheres to Christianity. Any kind of moral relativity cannot be tolerated because it goes against their belief of an all powerful totalitarian state. It also must be noted that Mike Pence is considering a run for the White House in 2016. Also, it was just last week that the republican presidential front runner Ted Cruz vowed to coalesce the silent moral majority in this country into a non-stoppable voting block for 2016. Cruz and Pence are threat to the planks of the commie left. Leftists believe the state is the only entity that should decide what is right and what is wrong. Any kind of moral judgement from any religion threatens that tyrannical belief. Any time the commie left can get a chance to mobilize their ignorant voter base and media army for the purpose of attacking anyone that threatens their failed Kremlin ideology they will jump at the chance without looking at or paying attention to the real facts on the ground. Keep in mind that these comrades are just as petulant as their dear leader and anytime they can community organize against the people of any state that doesn’t adhere to the strict agenda of their fake Christian-in-chief they will take full advantage of the stupidity of their own base in order to mobilize them. This is exactly what is happening in Indiana this week.

For the left, the real issue here is not about religious freedom or tolerance, it is about the exact opposite. If you do not willfully submit to their totalitarian collectivist ideology you will be subject to ridicule and scorn from a small minority that pretends to be a majority using their media fog horns. They don’t believe in any kind of individual liberty or freedom. They believe the individual must conform and submit to an all powerful, all knowing government that wrongly believes can better run your life than you can. Whether your Mike Pence, Ted Cruz or any person of faith, the communists and their liar czar media partners are hellbent on targeting anyone who rightfully believes that human rights do not come from them, but from God. Happy Easter everyone!

Rewarding Dangerous Regimes


It was just six months ago that our fearless commander-in-chief assured our nation that the countries of Yemen and Somalia were strong allies in the war on terror. Obama promised that with the help of these nations we would degrade and dismantle the terrorist extremists.

As it turns out Obama would once again be wrong. The governments of these two key allies in the war on terror are now being over run by these same folks we were supposed to degrade and dismantle. Because of this these terrorists are making our brave and courageous dear leader look like an absolute fool. The government in Yemen was recently overthrown by the Houthis rebels who share the same radical ideology of al Qaeda and just so happens to be backed by Iran. Is it not troubling to anybody with a brain that at a time when our president is negotiating a non-binding nuclear arms agreement with a dangerous Islamic regime such as Iran, that same regime is currently working to destroy our key allies in the area. This past Saturday when negotiations where still taking place the Supreme Leader of Iran openly spoke to a crowd of Islamic fanatics. They all called for, “death to America!

The government of Somalia was supposed to be another ally in the war on terror. They are currently being attacked by the Al Shabaab terrorist group. The group’s ultimate goal is to over throw the Somalian government and install an Islamic government with the intention to implement Sharia law. In 2012, Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Al-Shabaab merged to create working relationship to defeat the west. A video was released a few weeks ago that stated their desire to attack the west by blowing up American malls.

It is a bit mystifying that a president of the United States is rewarding a known state sponsor of terrorism such as Iran with nuclear capability. This will embolden and give Iran greater dominance in a fragile and feudal region. Rewarding the enemy for bad behavior only increases the bad behavior. As the United States sits idly by and purposely watches the fall of ally after ally in the Middle East due to violent Islamic extremists, you can finally start to realize that Obama has reversed the strategy we had developed after 911. Instead of defeating a regime that supports and funds Islamic terrorism worldwide, we are now rewarding and codifying one that supports it.

It’s 1995 All Over Again!

It’s 1995 all over again. Back then a certain corrupt family well known to American’s for bending and obfuscating the truth for their own political benefit held the highest political office in the land. And by hook or crook they intended to keep it that way.

Today, 20 long and not forgotten years later that same corrupt family is now trying desperately to stay relevant and new eagerly yearns to achieve that same power that they once yielded so as to keep their socialist progressive dream alive by ruling over everyone with a different set of rules for us and themselves.

When the press lets their favorite politicians get away with being liars and crooks in today’s world, whether it is lying under oath or obstruction of justice, there is no law and order anymore. All you have are the haves and have nots in America. The powerful people are the ones who have and the regular folk have not. That is when freedom is lost and tyranny rears its ugly head.

An Aficionado in Hypocricy?



Not only did Hillary Clinton violate State Department rules by collecting money from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, she may eventually be found guilty of violating the Federal Records Act by using an illegal private email account while conducting official State Department business.. In light of the new revelations regarding Hillary, it’s important to note her glaring hypocrisy when it came to her criticism of the Bush administration supposed email problems back in 2007.

Two years after excoriating the Bush Administration for perceived malfeasance, Hillary would set up her own illegal email system in her house in Chappaqua, New York. When appearing on the Today Show in 2011 she would brag to Savannah Guthrie that she often used her Blackberry device and that she was, “an aficionado” when it came to technology.

It seems that throughout Hillary Clinton’s career she has always proven to be an, “aficionado” in not only technology, but in hypocrisy as well.