Buy The Ticket – Take The Ride

cambo042514It was just another manic Monday  er…Friday that is…

Ouch! Ouch! Let go of my arm!

How are our momo stocks taking us in to this weekend? -59.79 *GACK* *SPLAT*   Wynn Resorts: -11.64 S%!F#K&!?  Netflix: -21.99 Oy… the humanity!  Linkden -13.46 DOH!

Meanwhile I have blithering, blabbering, talking heads on CNBC tout television; reminding me about “money on the sidelines waiting to come in”…

Ponder this – if money is on the sidelines and coming in – does then, that not mean… that other money is selling to them and coming out? Hello? SIR! Who wants to be the next bag holding retard? Or as my French Canadian future ex mother in law would say…“ray-tard”. Eh?


BTFD! and BTFATH! And then go read some ancient history from March 2000