Racism and the Forgotten Family

IMG_0357Is it me or does it seem like 1997 all over again? That was a time when scandalous reports were coming out of the White House and that an obsessed woman was stalking the first black president Bill Clinton.   It was a time when Mr. Clinton was serving late into his second term. It was also a time when republicans were in control of the house and the only way things could get done was through Triangulation 
Clinton and his handlers dodged and delayed his scandals for a few years, with the media’s help until a stained blue dress was finally discovered.

Fast forward to the politics of today. We are well into Obama’s second term. Multiple scandals have plagued his administration such as; Fast and Furious,
Benghazi,  Spying on the press as well as everyday Americans  and the IRS targeting of his political enemies. Which by the way was used in Article 2 in the impeachment of Richard Nixon back in 1974.

With all these scandals facing Obama and his little minions in his administration, what do they do? They do the same stall, dodge and delay tactics as president Clinton used. Only this time, Obama and his team bring out the race card. They’ve been using this tactic on anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their agenda. We’ve seen this from day one beginning in 2008. This week we get statements from baseball’s Hank Aaron claiming Obama’s problems stem from the KKK and racist white people.

Other examples of Obama hacks blaming whitey are Eric Holder and blabber-mouth troublemaker and NBC cable host Al Sharpton.

Ever since he began running for the White House in 2008, I couldn’t understand why everyone from the DC establishment to the media as a whole, referred to Obama as a “black” man or as “African American.”

For the record, Obama is half black and half white. It’s as if Obama never had a white family. It’s as if they never existed and that no one from his white side even exists now. I would love for someone in the press to find someone from his white family and ask the question. “What is it like to have a family member be the first African American president?” That question would never be asked because it would ruin the whole fake narrative that the media and his handlers created for Obama.  It would also make the “race card” in reality, ineffective.

The socialist democrats can’t hide from their scandals without mobilizing their base with the race card. That’s how they try to “shut up” anyone who doesn’t agree with them on policy. They disguise the truth using false charges of racism. That’s more disgusting than racism itself.

Hillary’s Strategy

HillaryBack in the 1990’s when Hillary Clinton’s husband was chasing interns around the Oval Office  and selling the Lincoln bedroom for campaign cash, Ms. Clinton herself was illegally collecting FBI files on her husband’s political allies and  telling the nation that his scandalous behavior was nothing serious at all and just a  “vast right-wing conspiracy.”



Now, some 16 years later with her eyes set on the White House, Hillary wants us all to forget about her past transgressions as well as her failures as Secretary of State and just move on. As if to say, “What difference does it make”



Speaking to a group of women this past Thursday Hillary said,  “There is just pure ideology, pure partisanship. We disguise a commercial interest behind a political facade and the result is that we’re kind of marching backwards instead of forward.”

Pardon me if I see a little hypocrisy here coming from Hillary. What she is trying to do is hide the truth and create the notion that any disagreements that people may have with her on policy and scandal should  all be cast aside as just baseless and sheer “partisanship” issues that should then be tossed away as irrelevant and old news.  What team Clinton is really doing with the help of AP is stifling free speech so we can never get to the truth about anything in her past. This is exactly how Obama won in 2008.

Obama Poised to Destroy Healthcare Plans for 170,00,000 Americans

photo (13)Our socialist-in-chief community organizer will be destroying healthcare plans for 170,000,000 hard working Americans. After destroying the individual plans for millions who purchased their healthcare with their own money, our glorious president is going to punish tax-paying Americans who receive their healthcare from their employers.

This is what Marxist minded delusional dictators do. They implement major regulations on industries they abhor. This causes that industry they have over-regulated to be ultimately destroyed. Which is designed, in the end, to be completely owned by the all powerful growing Marxist state. This is all done under the banner that government “is looking out for you” or “government cares and wants to take care of you.”  What really is happening is that government is in charge of you. You begin to realize you have no liberty or freedom anymore.

Obama and his party despise America and it’s founding. It’s evident in his policies. He, his socialist democrats in congress and his marxist minded acolytes in his liar czar media, are hell bent on destroying America. Why you ask? All for their own power and greed so as to sit at the “Grand Alliance” table.

On April Fools day the president proclaimed these words, ““In the end, history is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security. Nobody remembers well those who stand in the way of America’s progress or our people,” This guy actually had the gall and arrogance to ask the networks for a prime time audience that night so he can tell the nation how wonderful he is. A speech to America after screwing America?  Enough already!

The only people who are “denying Americans their basic economic security” is Obama and his party.  They are the ones who are destroying healthcare plans for over 170,000,000 Americans. Its time to impeach this egomaniacal despot and send he and his party to back to the minority status they deserve.

Obama Buddy Cory Booker Caught In Scandal

Barack Obama, Cory Booker, Loretta Weinberg, Barack Obama, Jon CorzineA new scandal is just starting to see the sunlight in New Jersey. It involves former mayor Cory Booker and the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation  It’s a non-profit corporation that watches over the city and state landholdings that surround the reservoirs in northern New Jersey. Booker was picked to be on the board of the company.

The problem for Booker, now a United States senator from New Jersey, is he used this company to enrich his buddies and political cronies for millions of dollars. Elnardo Webster who is an ex-law firm buddy and someone who worked on Booker’s campaign made over one million dollars in legal fees from 2007- 2011. Another political ally of Booker was Linda Watkins Brashear. She made close to a million dollars from the public funded organization in income and severance pay.

NWCDC is a public funded organization. Therefore it is subject to compliance with the Open Meeting laws of the state of New Jersey. This company and it’s board did not comply with the law.

You can read more about the corruption scandal now encircling the “rising star” and “reformer” U.S. Senator Cory Booker.


Delusional Arrogance on Parade in Washington DC

Barack Obama, Richard DurbinSocialist Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois went to the floor of the Senate today to deride Free Market Capitalism. Durbin sounded like Karl Marx   “It created unfairness and injustice when it came to health care, which we are addressing with this Affordable Care Act”

Durbin and his socialist friends in Congress plan to do more socialist central planning in the coming years if they are not stopped.   He and the president are quite delusional and drunk (and stupid) with their perceived power. Their arrogance  is quite astounding to watch as they blather on about a healthcare system that is eviscerating the nation’s economy,  ruining millions and millions of people’s healthcare and making millions more lose their jobs.

To arrogantly brag about a failed government system that has up to now cost trillions of dollars and in the end only 0.02 of the population has, in their trumped up figures, signed up to an unworkable web site. Do the math! In reality, which doesn’t exist in the D.C., Obamacare is the biggest disaster in our lifetime. It only works in silly, arrogant and delusional minds on Capital Hill. The rest of America knows what’s going on. They will be getting to the polls in November to throw the delusional socialists out!

World Yearns For Freedom, Embraces Tea Party

Tea1It is becoming increasingly apparent that not only in the United States, Ukraine, Venezuela and other old socialist-marxist nations, the people are beginning to embrace more Tea party, conservative type freedom movements. More people are realizing around the world that they want freedom not tyranny. We learn this today in France.

Hey Pelosi, embrace the freedom, not “The Suck!”

Obamacare Crashes On Final Day For Sign-Ups

OcareOn this final day for Americans to sign up for Obamacare, the Associated Press is reporting that the magnificent website has once again crashed.

As of today, 26% percent of Americans do not approve of our president’s signature domestic legislation. Also, 3 out of 4 Americans will be subsidized by other Americans.

It’s safe to say that “Hope and Change” has officially been renamed “Log in and Crash.”


NoBamaCareWe were told by the Socialist Democrats in congress and in media that we needed to pass an unread Obamacare law for the children and uninsured.

After four years and over a trillion dollars and counting we find out that 6 million people have lost their insurance because of this boondoggle.  Also, we are told by this inept regime, who like to play with numbers, that 6 million people have signed up for their socialist Utopian healthcare plan.

New polling states that 26% of Americans approve of this law.

The Congressional Budget Office has reported by 2022 that because of Obamacare, 30 million non elderly people will not be insured.

The more this bill gets sunlight, the more it becomes patently obvious that when socialism collides with capitalism. Socialism fails. That’s why it is important to stop the Grand Alliance before they put a stop to you!