imageDesperation has finally settled inside the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign. They can now see that Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary Clinton big time in the latest polling. How does a struggling candidate who was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago pretend to be a real everyday New Yorker? You stage a subway ride performance with your helpful friends in the Liar Czar Media. Unbeknownst to Ms. Clinton, setting up the script is the easy part. However, acting it out is something altogether quite different.

It really is sad to see that her staged photo op with her media buddies failed miserably as it took her five tries to successfully swipe her MetroCard. All she proved was that she never rides the subway. What proved that this was a staged event is that the Bronx subway that Hillary Clinton entered was visibly empty except for one or two people. This is very strange occurrence considering that the normal morning subway commute in New York City is packed with thousands of straphangers hustling to get to work each and every weekday morning.

One prop was famously missing in her staged performance this morning. It was the Yankee hat she wore back in 2000 when she was running for a senate iseat n New York . That’s when it became politically fashionable to forgo her Chicago Cubs hat and replace it with a New York Yankee one.