Remember recovery summer? It was a public relations blitz by the Obama White House back in June 2010. The big plan was to send Obama and Biden along with their fawning media to over 24 construction sites where stimulus money was being spent. It was suppose to show the American people how successful the president’s Stimulus Plan was going to be. In the end. It wasn’t successful at all. It was a total flop. The egg heads at Harvard conducted a study and concluded that the 787 billion dollar boondoggle was a complete failure. The president had to finally admit, with a smile, to the fact that his legislation failed big time.

Most of the Stimulus money went to big labor unions and democrat states that voted for Obama. It was political payback for his political friends. Obama was setting himself up for his re-election with this sleazy piece of legislation.

Just yesterday we find out our first quarter GDP for 2014 was 0.1%. This is embarrassing. If it were not for massive government spending on Medicare we would have been below that number and facing a possible recession. The White House came out and said, “See… is helping the economy”. It is doing the opposite. It is stifling the economy. This GDP number is a disaster when you consider the amount of money that was spent. 7 trillion dollars over the last five years! The Bureau of Labor reported the news that 20% of American families have no one currently working.

We also find out today that China, a communist country, will be taking over the United States as the #1 global economic power for the first since 1872.
Most of the jobs created since the recession that supposedly ended in 2009 have been low paying jobs.

Why am I bringing this up today? Well, the president and his socialist party have plans to do another stimulus plan. A plan that will likely create zero shovel ready jobs, add more money to the debt and cause the unemployment rate to stay stagnant for the foreseeable future. Don’t these idiots learn from history? Apparently not! Why should they care?

This is nothing more than another big federal bailout to payback his political allies and  help out his democrat/socialist buddies at re-election time. That’s the only thing that matters to these guys. I see a pattern here. It’s a pattern we can’t afford to repeat.