Macy's is a Clinton Foundation Sellout

Macy’s is a Clinton Foundation Sellout

Macy’s has followed NBC and Univision’s lead and has partaken in the character assassination of Donald Trump. All three companies have cut ties to Donald Trump citing derogatory comments made by the presidential candidate regarding the idea that illegal immigrants should be stopped from entering the country illegally. The real reason Macy’s is dumping Trump’s clothing line has nothing to do what he has said. They are attacking Mr. Trump because he is a political threat to their in-house candidate Hillary Clinton. Macy’s has donated to the Clinton Foundation and has a financial venture with Hillary Clinton’s family’s charity slush fund for 4 projects that allocates up to $5,400,000.  Therefore, it is in Macy’s best interest to save their Clinton investment and dump Trump.

Macy’s financial interests with the Clinton Foundation goes all the way back to 2006. The four projects involve selling products that are essentially made by exploiting poor, disadvantaged and disabled people who live in underdeveloped countries to provide cheap labor to make bracelets, handbags and rugs that are ultimately sold by Macy’s and others at a higher markup cost.

One of those projects is called, “Global Handicrafts Support Program.” This project was established in 2006 allowing Macy’s to sell handicraft products made by poor, disadvantaged and disabled people working in Cambodia,Indonesia, Swaziland, Bolivia, South Africa and India. It’s overall expenditure is $1,000,000.

Another project Macy’s and The Clinton Foundation worked on was in 2006 where $1,750,000 was allocated for a project called, “Tapped Out-Addressing the Global Water Project.” The project employed a cooperative of poor and disadvantaged Kenyan women who were made to make cheap and inexpensive, “O” bracelets for Oprah Magazine. Upon completion the bracelets would later be sold at a higher price by Oprah Magazine and Macy’s.

There was yet another profit making project in 2007 that utilized cheap labor involving Macy’s and the Clinton Foundation called, “The Rwanda Pass to Peace Program.” This particular program took advantage of the desperate situation in Rwanda and had women build bamboo hand baskets that were later sold at Oprah Winfrey’s magazine and Macy’s.

The fourth project involving Macy’s and the Clinton Foundation is called, “GoodWeave: From Carpet Looms to Classrooms.” This project was established in 2013 at an overall cost of $2,450,000. It involved making 250,000 rugs that were woven in India and Nepal using cheap labor knowing full well that most of these rugs were made by child-labor. The project tried to certify that the percentage of rugs being sold were child-labor free from 4.5% in 2013 to 6.5% in 2016. Why not take out the slave labor of a child making rugs by 100 percent? The rugs would ultimately be sold by Macy’s at a price tag between $400 -$4,0000 apiece.

For a company such as Macy’s to purposely try to destroy and humiliate someone like Donald Trump is reprehencible. All he is  doing is standing up for what most Americans agree on. A secure border.  It is scandalous and outrageous for giant corporation’s like Macy’s that is worth $30 billion dollars to jump in bed financially with a corrupt politician and her illegal family charity. For a large amount of money corporation’s get to join the elitist Clinton Slush Fund Club where special deals are made with corrupt governments who exploit their masses by using them for cheap labor to manufacture cheap and inexpensive products.  All for the sole purpose of selling them over here in America at an overinflated price. The hypocritical war Macy’s and The Clinton Foundation are waging is not only on Donald Trump, it is on the rest of the free world.