Clinton Cash

imageClinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.

The Clinton Foundation dishonorably advertises itself as a charity. After an investigation using their own 2013 tax filings, it was learned that only 10 percent of the money was donated to charity. Any honorable charity sends up to 75 percent of all of its money to charity.

Charity Navigater is a company that rates charitable organizations. They found that they couldn’t properly rate the Clinton Foundation so they removed it from their list of recommended charities. It’s no wonder the Clinton Foundation was never mentioned by anyone at the 2016 Democrat Convention.

Scaring Blacks To Vote Democrat

imageIt’s election time so the democrat scaremongers are out in force to scare their democrat base into voting the right way. Which brings us to Keith Ellison. He is a democrat representative from Minnesota. He happens to be the Co-Chairman of the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives. Larry’s main focus these days is getting more democrats-socialists elected because in his mind, “Donald Trump is the worst republican nominee since George Wallace!” Really?

Turns out Keith Ellison isn’t the wizard of smart he and everyone thinks he is. It figures. All you need to understand is that democrat/socialist/progresses are dumbasses who know nothing about history. If Keith did know a little about history he would understand George Wallace was a racist, democrat governor from the state of Alabama. He ran for president three times. Wallace believed in segregation so much that it was part of his platform in his 1968 presidential campaign. He believed that black students should not be allowed to be educated at the University of Alabama. He was a modern day democrat.

Hey Keith? Instead of worrying about Donald Trump. Why don’t you take a history class instead? Then you would not only find out that George Wallace was a racist democrat, you would also learn that the democrat party invented the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was formed in the 1800’s to torment, scare black people into voting for democrats in the south. Roughly 3,000 people were murdered by your democrat thug gang. It shouldn’t be Donald Trump or the Republican Party that Keith Ellison should be worrying about. He should be more concerned about the racist past of his democrat party. Today, instead of using the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate blacks into voting democrat, they use other blacks who are ignorant of the historical facts like Mr. Ellison to carry out the same strategy.

Getting Booed Off The Stage?

imageThankfully, the republican convention finally came to a close last night. Many of the speeches given there sounded a lot like a speech you would here at the democrat convention. You could barely tell the difference between the two. At this week’s republican convention the only person talking about conservative principles was Ted Cruz. His speech highlighted  the once held importance of conservative principles such as freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For his effort he  got booed off the stage.

There was much to do about Melania Trump’s speech. She was caught plaguerizing  a 2008 speech given by the democrat wife of Barack Obama. Melania’s speech highlighted democrat talking points that portrayed women as victims. Again, these are issues that democrats use at their convention to portray women as victims. Last night, Ivanka Trump used her speech to portray women as victims much like what you would hear at a democrat convention. In fact,  her speech used the same talking points Hillary Clinton uses in her stump speech on the campaign trail. Does this woman sound like a republican to you?

In this day and age you can’t tell the difference between the two political parties anymore. That’s because there are practically no recognizable differences between the two parties. The two political parties have dangerously become the same big government, collectivist entities that want to grow government larger and larger. Donald Trump’s main theme in his speech was that he alone will make government “smarter.” That happens to be eerily similar to another theme (smart power) that Hillary Clinton has used in the past to describe her perceived brilliance when dealing with her foreign policy decisions.

So what is the difference between the two parties? Why all the fighting and bickering between the two when they are basically promoting the same thing? Why waste time, energy and money on two conventions that basically have the same message? It is actually quite sad to learn that in today’s political world there are no significant differences between the two parties. They don’t stand for the principles and beliefs that founded our once great country. They no longer stand for  freedom, liberty and constitutionality anymore. We always knew the democrat party moored away from those values years ago. Sadly, this week we found out that the Republican Party has done the same thing. We found out this week if someone did stand for up those values, you would get booed off the stage.

What Good Is A Pledge?

imageEven before Ted Cruz concluded his speech last night in Cleveland, it was obvious he was not going to kiss the brass ring of the 2016 republican presidential nominee. The angry and boisterous crowd began to realize an endorsement was not going to be forthcoming so they began voicing their displeasure with the Texas senator without realizing thier own nominee never expected or wanted an endorsement in the first place. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in late March, Mr. Trump insisted he didn’t need an endorsement from Ted Cruz. He wasn’t even expecting one.

As for those who are upset and bent out of shape that Ted Cruz renounced his pledge to support the eventual nominee, Donald Trump renounced the same pledge back in March. So get down off your convention chair and shut the fuck up! If your boy can’t win without the endorsement of someone else, that’s your own damn fault!

What goes around comes around in the world of politics. You would think that these imbecilic delegates in the convention hall would understand this. Not only did their guy with the brass ring walk away from his pledge to support the eventual nominee, he was ok with the idea of the other guy doing the same thing. So stop all the whining about what Ted Cruz didn’t do last night in Cleveland. Donald Trump brought all of this disunity on himself by insulting every single candidate down the line. What good is a pledge if your boy with the brass ring doesn’t follow it himself?

Who Is Throwing Gasoline On The Fire?

Gavin Long
Gavin Long

Hours before last week’s massacre of five white police officers in Dallas, Texas, Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan had this inflamatory missive for his followers, “there is no freedom without the shedding of blood” and that “the white man is worthy to be hated for all the things he has done.” Does this sound like a crazy man throwing gasoline on a fire?

Just yesterday a former member of the Nation of Islam, Gavin Long seemingly followed minister Farrahkan’s vile missive and systematically shot and killed three police officers and wounded several more in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Shouldn’t Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam get any blame for fanning the flames of hate?

New evidence suggests Gavin Long was also in Dallas when another former Nation of Islam member Micah Johnson executed five police officers in cold blood. They were both Nation of Islam racists who had a profound hatred for all white people. It is the same hatred that has been fomented by the president of the United States, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton and Louis Farrakhan. Their meme is always that same tired belief that racism begins and ends with white people. These fools need to condemn no one but themselves. Because it is always they who continue to throw gasoline on the fire of racism by using inflammatory rhetoric that fuels the engine of hate.


Ended The War In Iraq?

imageRemember all the anti-war demonstrations from 2003 to 2008? President Obama was elected president because of his stance against the Iraq war. The same war Hillary Clinton voted for using the intelligence data gathered from her husband’s administration.  At every 2012 reelection campaign event Obama bragged over and over about ending that war. He couldn’t stop yelling at us about his supposed precious achievement. The end of the Iraq war was sold to us as one of Obama’s greatest achievements.

It turns out that ending the Iraq war was yet another Obama okie doke. it wasn’t a great achievement after all because the war in Iraq never ended. It not only never ended, it has gradually intensified to the point that we are sending additional American soldiers to the battlefield in Iraq. In March of this year, Obama signed off on sending additional troops after an American service member was killed in a town 75 miles southwest of Mosul. The total number of American troops on the ground in Iraq is now close to 4,647.

I thought leftists cared about our fighting men and women? We’re are the anti-war demonstrations? Why aren’t the television news networks providing footage of the fighting? Could it be that showing any news coverage could spoil and harm the false narrative that the president of the United States has been telling to the American people? Yes America, the war in Iraq is still going on. Ironically, the same president who loves to brag about ending the war in Iraq, will also be leaving troops in Afghanistan well past his ineffective time in office. The two wars that were supposedly ended by Obama are quietly raging on in perpetuity. You wouldn’t know it by watching the network news. Who do we have to thank for that? Barack Hussein Obama and his codifying liar czar media buddies in the press.  It also proves that when a socialist democrat is president, anti-war demonstrations are a thing of the past.

Judging People By The Content Of Their Character?

imageIn light of what happened in Dallas last night, would Martin Luther King admire the cop hating organization called Black Lives Matter? Barack Hussein Obama does. He admiringly praised the group saying they are better at community activism than he was. The group was at it again last night aggressively protesting against law enforcement in multiple cities across the nation. Including Dallas. The organization aggressively incites ignorant young people to chant phrases such as, “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” or “when do we want dead cops? We want em dead now!” They also carry imbecilic signs that read , “End White Supremacy.” It is no surprise that when a militant, radical group continues to rail against police officers in the inner-cities across the country you are furthering the demise and destruction of your own community. Without law enforcement, chaos will follow. Yet, Obama continues to be greatly supportive of the hate group to the point of inviting them into the White House for anti-cop strategy meetings.

Obama mentions all the great work that DeRay McKesson does. All this guy seems to do is get arrested for inciting riots and agitating police officers. In Obama’s world,  that’s good enough to receive the presidential Medal of Freedom Award.

Obama’s friends at Black Lives Matter do more harm than good to the communities they pretend to care for. Police officers have been shot at and murdered following Black Lives Matter demonstrations in New York City, Ferguson, MO, Dallas, TX last night and today in St. Louis. Statistics reveal that white people and police officers do not kill an inordinate amount of black people. The data overwhelmingly proves this.

In fact data from 2013 shows that: a “white” homicide victim is over twice as likely to be killed by a black than a black homicide victim is to be killed by a “white.” Also in 2013, blacks made up 42 percent of all cop killers whose race was known. The 200 or so reported killings of blacks by police officers — nearly all justified – pale in comparison to the 6,000 or so killings of blacks by other blacks. Given the fact that blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population, their homicide rate against whites and Hispanics combined is vastly disproportionate to their share of the population. There were 431 black killers of “whites,” compared to 193 “white” killers of blacks.” The displaced anger of the Black Lives Matter crowd at cops and whitey is totally unjustified. The blame should be placed squarely on the people who are doing the actual killings. Just who are they? Black people.

In Dallas, Texas five police officers were unnecessarily murdered in cold blood for protecting the protest rights of whacked out losers who are devoid of the factual data concerning the real culprits of black violence in the black community. Yet, they still gathered together at a radical leftist movement and held hateful, racist signs that were derogatory towards law enforcement officials and white people in general. Is it no wonder that shots were fired last night? What is most embarrassing is that this same hateful group named Black Lives Matter has been openly endorsed by the Democrat National Committee, Hillary Clinton and the president of the United States.  Along time ago Martin Luther King  said that people should stop judging others by the color of their skin. When are Obama, Hillary and the American left going to wake up and start judging people by the content of their character?

The Evidence Is In Her Own Words

imageWhen running for her senate seat in New York way back in 2000, Hillary Clinton admitted on tape that using a personal email account would open her up to possible investigations. She understood way back then that she could be caught in a big time scandal and using an email account could possibly be used to damage her career.

This proves Hillary Clinton’s “intent” to illegally keep her work related email server secret. She knew she would eventually be investigated. Ironically, Mrs. Clinton would ultimately be investigated by not a rascally republican administration, but the friendly government of Barack Hussein Obama.

The FBI director concluded his investigation by saying Hillary Clinton never had any proof of  “intent” to hide or conceal any classified  material. Quite the contrary. Her intent goes all the way back to 2000. The evidence is in her own words.