An Endorsement From A Convicted Rapist?

imageDonald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign received a rather bizarre endorsement this week from a convicted rapist. His name, Mike Tyson. You may recall the billionaire tycoon stood by the championship boxer in 1992 when he was convicted of raping a young woman in Indiana. Not only did Donald Trump stand by Mike Tyson after his conviction he even offered this statement to NBC Nightly News, “It is my belief that Mike Tyson was railroaded in this case.” It was Trump’s belief that since the woman was seen smiling and dancing in the days after the rape showed that the rape really never occurred or that it was somehow consensual. Additionally, after the rape was reported someone offered the woman $1,000,000 to drop the suit altogether. Who would have possibly done that?

Many believed that the main reason Donald Trump stood by Tyson after his conviction was that Tyson was potentially a huge investment for the billionaire who had many casinos that offered championship boxing matches that garnered billions of dollars in revenue for the Trump Casino chain.

It is amazing and ironic to see that here you have a man running for president of the United States who just 24 years ago cared more about his billion dollar investment than he did for the well being of a young woman who was brutally raped. It shows you so much about the inner character of a man who this week not only accepted the endorsement of a convicted rapist, he bragged about it at one of his campaign stops in Indiana. Bizarre!

Hiding His True Belief System?


In 2011 Donald Trump publicly endorsed the war in Libya. He said what was going on there,”is full carnage.” He would further say “this could be the worst thing in history” if we don’t deploy our forces who are in the area.

Five years later Trump would flip-flop his position on Libya at the 2016 CNN republican presidential debate. There, he would actually have the audacity to blame the politicians for getting our military involved. He would go on to indicate that if things were just left alone in the region the Islamic State would have never formed. Talk about hutzpah?

It is fair to assume that “The Donald’s” flip-flopping is his art of the deal. Only your just not supposed to remember what he flip-flopped on. He flip-flops on anything and everything so often it is difficult to pin him down on any given political issue. He reminds me of a lizard that changes colors whenever it moves to a different location. The lizard does this to hide itself from dangerous preditors. “The Donald” does this to hide his true belief system from the voters.

Put Them On The Same Ticket?

imageIt’s time to break out the champagne everybody! If you can still afford it.  Two old friends won big last night. They both garnered a majority of votes in six liberal states that happen to be situated in the Northeast Corridor. Although we are often told these two old friends come from two different political ideologies, they both share the same northeast values when it comes to many of the important social issues of our time.

Let’s take a look at a few major issues these two old friends can raise a glass and agree on.

  1. They both agree that a grown man should be legally allowed to use a woman’s public bathroom.
  2. They both agree that American citizens should be mandated by the federal government to buy health insurance.
  3. They both agree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in our country as long as they continue to be good citizens.
  4. They both agree Planned Parenthood should stay in business and receive taxpayer money even after it was learned that it had profited from selling body parts of aborted babies.
  5. They both believe that it is normal and appropriate to allow gays to serve in the United States military.

Should these two good friends make it all the way to the general election, one wonders if scheduling any debates would be warranted considering they both share the same northeast/New York values. With this in mind, why go about pretending they are running against each other. Instead of doing this political fan dance why not just put these two good friends on the same ticket?

Deny The Charge And Attack The Messenger


What does “New York Values” mean to RINO New York congressman Pete King? To find out all you have to do is look at his record. He was elected in 1992 on the coattails of the conservative revolution in the House of Representatives. This liberal clown supports president Obama’s illegal amnesty agenda. He regularly goes out of his way to blast any conservative that tries to stop it. He  also warns that doing so would be, “putting American lives at risk.” What?

You can often watch this pompous ass RINO yucking it up with his liberal buddies on the low rated morning clown show on MSNBC. When you don’t share the same “New York Values” of this New York blowhard your going to have a big target on your head.

According to Conservative Review, Peter King’s liberty score is a big fat “F” when rating his conservatism. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone in New York because there is no difference between a socialist democrat and a RINO republican. Both parties adhere to “New York Values.”

When someone simply brings up the fact that both Pete King and Donald Trump share these same liberal New York Values, you would think they both would man-up to it. Instead, what they do is deny the charge and attack the messenger with the help of their liberal media clowns in the press.

Trump Mixes Up The 911 Attacks With 7-11 Convenient Stores

Campaigning in Buffalo, New York last night Donald Trump compared the 911 attacks to the 7-11 convenient stores. Before he made the ridiculous gaffe, he told the crowd he “had written it down.”

What? Is this the type of man you want running the United States of America? I can’t remember seeing this much buffoonery in a presidential campaign in years. Donald Trump’s gaffes reminds me of the ones made by Ross Perot and his running mate James Stockwell back in 1992. Perot eventually lost the election to Hillary Clinton’s impeached husband in 1992. We are sadly witnessing the same embarassing failure of another Ross Perot type candidate in 2016. Thank you Mr. Trump.

Praising The Sanctuary City Mayor Of NYC

imageWhy would a populist presidential candidate who is running on a platform that promises to abolish sanctuary cities publicly praise a socialist mayor who vows to keep his open? That’s exactly what Donald Trump did when he was asked about his opinion on New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

Why would Donald Trump say such wonderful things about a guy that wants to protect the dangerous policy of keeping sanctuary cities open?  de Blasio also abolished a successful “stop and frisk” police program that kept New York City neighborhoods safe from violent crime. de Blasio, along with his race hustling buddy Al Sharpton sided with the anti-cop, racist agenda of “Black Lives Matter.” The organization has promoted violent protests that have targeted police departments not only in New York City, but across the entire country.

If Donald Trump wants to say nice things about the socialist mayor of New York City, he might as well vote for Bernie Sanders for president. They share the same failed socialist ideology. It makes you question whether Donald Trump has the proper judgement when dealing with his political adversaries. This is very troubling because it proves he will cozy up to anyone who says nice things about him despite their dangerous political ideology. If Mr. Trump was serious about running for president as a republican, how come he isn’t registered as one?

How Is Joe Paterno?

In a bizarre reference yesterday at a rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Donald Trump asked the crowd, “How is Joe Paterno?”

Earth to Donald? Joe Paterno has been dead for four years. What is so baffling to understand is why would a current presidential candidate even ask about the well being of a disgraced and deceased college football coach that has been dead for four years?

One can only surmise that Donald Trump is way out of his league. If a presidential candidate can’t figure out who is alive or dead, then that presidential candidate obviously isn’t fit to be president of the United States.

Donald Trump And His New York Values

imageIn light of the fake controversy involving Ted Cruz’s comments suggesting Donald Trump’s “New York Values” are different than places like Iowa, certain news outlets such as MSNBC, Fox News and CNN should do a little reporting on this particular subject. It just so happens Ted Cruz was correct in his initial analysis on, “The Donald.” Want proof?

The proof is found in an interview “The Donald” did in 1999 on “Meet The Press.” On the show, Trump admits twice that being born and raised in New York City has given him, “a little bit different viewpoint than someone who lived in Iowa his whole life.” Trump admits to believing  many anti-conservative ideas such as abortion, partial birth abortion and gays serving in the military.

It’s disturbing to learn that when Trump is caught flip-flopping on any given issue and is correctly called out on it by anyone, that person suddenly is called a liar and is then attacked, maligned and denigrated by Trump and his supporters.

That’s what a phony politician does. When they get caught telling a lie, they attack the person who recognizes and exposes the lie. Ted Cruz isn’t the liar that Trump and his supporters have claimed. Ted Cruz has exposed the truth about Donald Trump. He is a typical liberal progressive with New York values who will flip-flop on any given issue at the spur of the moment. It only proves that Trump doesn’t have a moral belief system to stand on. So stop blaming Ted Cruz for simply pointing out what Donald Trump believed in 17 years ago. If you need someone to blame for Donald Trump’s New York values. Blame Donald Trump!