Telephone Tuff Guys!


It doesn’t get any more stupid, really…than this. Two obsolete bloviating gas bags – spending 35 minutes on national television screaming ‘I know you are but what am I…’

I am re posting the CNBC clip here only for its entertainment value. Get yourself a full bottle of your favorite adult beverage, a rocks glass, and listen to Ichan and Ackman slam their pencil dicks on the desk, over who will win the long or short battle on Herbalife.

You can’t fix stupid!



The Next Cabana Boy Over The Pool Deck…


They are scrambling like lemmings now to try and goat-fuck their previous ill conceived analyst forecasts, and revise reality before it is too late. Again…

And who can blame them really? I mean for god’s sake, FAAPL only made 54 billion in revenues in the past 13 weeks. They only have 137 BILLION DOLLARS  in cash reserves.  That only represents 30% of their market cap. And they only are paying a paltry dividend of $2.65 per share.

It’s a dog with fleas, Gordo! Dump it…

Meanwhile Google-A-GoGo has knocked it out of the park again and is taking no prisoners. And what about Netflix? This crappy, half-ass, chump service is now experiencing it’s highest one day rise in history. Plus 43 friggin percent, Holy earnings beat, Batman. Analysts never saw that one coming either.

It is a ‘Tale Of Three Earnings” really, and I will bullet their stock charts for you in this video here.

Oh, and lest I forget…the Chinese want to buy RIMM.




10 Strong Ones Sport!

While the yammering chuckle-heads in the financial media babble on and on and on about the “five year highs!”…here is a list of ten plays which are showing damn fine relative strength -vs- the Naz-100 or the $QQQ’s:

  1. $LIFE
  2. $LLTC
  3. $AMAT
  4. $XLNX
  5. $FAST
  6. $BMC
  7. $ADP
  8. $PAYX
  9. $DTV
  10. $MAT

And the hits keep rolling on…

Will Research In Motion Bring Me A Whole Bunch Of Money?



Soon it will is my bet…The much ballyhooed and long anticipated launch is just ten days away now. And in this video of the chart points we shall see just how strongly the stock has already launched.

Of particular interest to me is the ratio of RIMM in relative strength. In particular as compared to the technology exchange traded fund $XLK, the Nasdaq 100 $QQQ, and even the S&P in general $SPY.

In every case RIMM is outperforming and all oscillators: MoneyStream, Time Segmented Volume, RSI have an excellent angle of attack – skyward. I am guessing we are going to see a lot of bear meat roadkill on this one soon. Swing targets pegged now at 19.84 and 24.49

Smoke em’ if ya got em!



How Full Of Shit Is Your Favorite Bank?


I am always loathe to trade on options expiration. The odds are too rigged and I have found over the past 17 years, that OE Friday’s tends to be the day I give all my profits back. Speaking of “back” short $BAC has been a good trade this week.

Anyway outside of $RIMM  (my swing position target is $22+)…I am not doing much the past few days, so back to the point of this post –

Excellent, in depth reading on banks in general from the recent issue of Atlantic – is helping me pass the time for now. Definitely worth perusing.


p.s. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) boosted Chief Executive Officer Lloyd C. Blankfein’s stock bonus 90 percent to $13.3 million, topping JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s Jamie Dimon for the first time in five years, as profit climbed.





faapld  With all daily basis supports having cratered now, we really have to go to the weekly and monthly charts to gauge reasonable supports. If we take the November 2011 lows to the September 2012 all time highs – that gives a a scale of force which suggests we will not see meaningful support until we visit the 477.81 areas.

I do of course expect some options expiration shenanigans before Friday. If we test that force level down near 477 we may get the mother of all short squeezes in tandem with some form of BS “news” later this week. Here is a quick video on my chart points.



Bumlicking Minions, Liars & Thieves

bumlick  There is probably quite a bit about Wells Fargo in particular, not to mention GS, JPM, & MS that you never knew about. God knows I did not know any of this shit either. How bout 7 trillion worth of things never disclosed in their collective SEC filings over the past five years?

It is all superbly laid out for us by Matt Taibbi in his January 4th piece “Secrets and Lies of the Bailout”.

Additionally, must reading for every serious student of the 2008 financial crisis are Matt’s kind words for Hank Greenberg and AIG.